Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back for a reason

I've returned to blogging after a few years because I've committed to a reading program. This blog is devoted primarily to my reading and study in the areas of business analysis and information technology. I have no interest in publishing the details of my personal life or my political or religious opinions. I write because I need to consolidate my understanding of what I read. On occasion, I need to share my comments with friends and colleagues.

To quote from my earlier blog:
I use this blog for business communications and as an intellectual diary. I can report progress (and process) regarding a current project, and my clients or collaborators can have easy access to both the latest news and earlier reports. When I complete a report, I email the link, as an invitation to read, comment, and take action.

Why do I publish business reports in this public forum? I think they may provide information that may be useful to others doing the same thing. It's the old professor in me.

As intellectual diary, the blog is mostly book reviews and related reasoning: again, process and not just product. Note, though: I don't report on all my reading, but only that which seems related to the basic themes: creativity, communication, dialogue, access to information. Again, I publish because someone may find the information useful.
Earlier blog entries may be found at and Topics include
  • Art criticism
  • Music criticism
  • Social criticism
  • Revamping an old PC
  • Web-based communications and groupware
  • Serving as foreman of a jury
  • The Riyadh residential compound bombings
  • Business consulting jobs
  • Internet data mining and analysis
  • Notes and comments on reading
  • Creating a CD-ROM archive
  • Treatment of mental illness and use of drugs
  • Co-authoring a data modeling book
  • How to analyze a poem
  • Access to information in the humanities

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